Day 1:  Friday, Sept 2nd

Lectures only

Faculty : Florian Mair, Maria Jaimes, Alexander Tolios, Tomas Kalina, Michaela Novakova, Zosia Maciorowski

These lectures will cover the basics of flow, including how a flow cytometer works, basics of fluorochromes and fluorescence, spectral overlap and compensation, basic data analysis and panel design, targeted to beginning and intermediate flow cytometrists. Advanced and clinical lectures will cover advanced data analysis, data assessment, immune monitoring, leukemia and lymphoma and antibody validation and benchmarking.



Day 2: Saturday, September 3rd

Four tracks devoted to specific topics will be offered in parallel. Participant numbers for some of the practical sessions within certain tracks will be limited due to space, so advance registration will be needed to secure a place for those sessions.


Multicolor Track

Faculty: Florian Mair, Andrew Filby, Michaela Novakova, Maria Jaimes, Zosia Maciorowski

This track will include practical sessions on instrument setup and QC, determination of optimal instrument settings, Stain Index assessement of fluorochrome brightness, spillover and spread and compensation. This will be followed by a practical panel design session, plus panel design troubleshooting and advanced data analysis.


Cell Sorting Track

Faculty: Geoff Osborne and Jens Fleischer

This track will start with a lecture and practical session for beginners,  progressing to internediate topics covering the finer aspects of instrument setup, effects of sort conditions on cell recovery, viability and sort efficiency. Advanced sessions will cover plate sorting, gating strategies for high dimensional panels and microparticle sorting.


High Dimensional Data Analysis Track

Faculty: John Quinn, Alexander Tolios

This track is targeted towards intermediate and advanced users. A series of lectures and practical modules covering the theory and application of the current high dimensional analysis techniques. In addition there will be a practical demonstration of 2 commercial high dimensional software packages.


Clinical Track

Faculty: Paul Wallace, Tomas Kalina, Michaela Novakova

This track will include leukemia and lymphoma case studies, instrument QC and standardization, clinical panel design, Euroflow and IVDR.


Day 3 Sunday, September 4th

Five parallel modules consisting of lecture and 90-minute practical session, participants will be able to choose 2 practical sessions.


Extracellular Vesicles

Faculty: John Nolan

This lecture and practical will discuss the theory and practicalities of EV detection and analysis on a conventional flow cytometry.


Imaging Flow Cytometry

Faculty: Andrew Filby

The lecture and practical session will review the principles of Imaging Flow cytometry and introduce the concepts and principles of data analysis followed by example applications for this technology. The practical module will consist of data acquisition and analysis on the Imagestream.  


Spectral Flow Cytometry

Faculty:  Maria Jaimes

This lecture and practical module will introduce the concepts and advantages of spectral flow cytometry. A multicolor panel with corresponding single color and autofluorescence controls will be prepared, acquired and analysed on a spectral flow cytometer.


Clinical Flow Cytometry

Faculty: Paul Wallace, Tomas Kalina, Zosia Maciorowski, John Quinn

This module includes a practical session on basic multicolor Flow cytometry, instrument setup, spillover, spread and compensation and a round table discussion on data analysis for clinical flow cytometry.


Mass Cytometry

Faculty: Henrik Mei & Axel Schulz

This module will consist of a lecture on the principles of mass cytometry and a tutorial session on the do’s and don’ts of mass cytometry.